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We have helped thousands of timeshare owners since 2010 become timeshare free and we can help you too.  Just listen to what our customers have to say about us. 

Heartland was truthful

You could not have known it at the time, but you earned my business when you answered a question raised by one of the members of the seminar my wife and I attended. You were asked if it was possible that a taxpayer could ” writeoff ” or deduct as a Capital Loss their timeshare investment.  You were quick to point out that you were neither a CPA nor an attorney and that taxpayer’s as a rule should direct those kinds of questions to their tax advisor.  But then you said, ” I have had the pleasure of transferring timeshares for more than a dozen IRS agents and they advised against it.” Bravo!  As a former IRS agent, you earned my trust when you said that.

Harold W. 

November 31st, 2010

We paid an attorney $2500

We paid an attorney $2500 to transfer us out of our Branson timeshare.  You did what he couldn’t. You have no idea how relieved we are.  Feel free to use me as a reference.  

Earl S. 

April 12th,  2012 


The Yeager's

They were there when we needed them.  We got taken for $700 by a timeshare resale company but the nice people at Heartland Transfer got us out of our timeshare and we are very grateful. 


We owned three timeshares for nearly 15 years and truly enjoyed using them with our family & friends. Circumstances arose where we could no longer take vacations as we used to do. Keeping the maintenance & taxes paid each year on three properties became a huge financial burden.  Thanks to our friend & neighbor Dianna, we found you & Linda!  You went above & beyond to make the transfers possible & painless...we are eternally grateful ! Patty & Robert P. April 2nd, 2014
Patty & Robert P.
Just a note to let you know that we received the paperwork on the transfer of our timeshare at Westgate. I wanted to thank you for all of your help with this transaction and let you know that we were very pleased with how this was handled. It is a burden that we no longer have to worry about. I think the hardest part of this is to understand that it will cost you to get out from under the timeshare rules and requirements. Once you understand the value of the return on the cost, it's a simple decision. I would be more than happy to recommend your service to anyone. B. Kennedy April 15th, 2014 "
B. Kennedy
Ex-timeshare Owner
Just a short note to say thanks for helping us finally get out of our timeshare contract.  As a retired cop, I have seen my share of scams over the years.  It’s nice to know there really IS someone in the timeshare industry you can TRUST! I know “thanks” is a small word, but I wanted you and Linda to know there is a WORLD of meaning behind it.  If you are ever in the Twin Cities, please give us a call. Mike M. JuLY 21st, 2012
Mike M.
Retired Cop
How do you say thank you to someone who got me out of a great deep hole that I was stupid enough to dig? Not only dig, but not have the courage or fortitude or whatever it takes to tell the intimidating salespeople "No" as many times as it takes. I commend you and all the people who work for you for their honesty and integrity in dealing with customers who probably, like me, have lost trust in many people. You have renewed my confidence that there are some honest well intended people. I will be ever grateful for your kind assistance. I know for a fact you told me the truth. I experienced it myself. If you ever need a doubting customer to talk with me, I would be more than happy to share my positive experience with Heartland Transfer. Thanks to you and all the other people who have helped in this endeavor. Please don't give up in this work to help honest hearted people who have been shamed, harrassed or intimidated into buying a lifetime of wonderful vacations that cost more than a home in many instances. Sincerely M. Hill July 15th, 2014
M. Hill
Ex-timeshare Owner

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