Frequently Asked Questions

We thought you might have some questions.  We understand and here are a few of the most asked.

By JC and Linda Skidmore

Q: Does your company charge an upfront fee with a promise to help market or sell our timeshare?

A: No. The reason is real simple. We are NOT a listing company, or a marketing company.  We will NOT mislead you by claiming your timeshare is valuable and can be easily sold.  If that were TRUE, you would have already found a buyer for it.  We specialize in transferring clients out of their unwanted timeshare. Period.

Q.: Who does the “technical stuff” of legally transferring our Title and getting the Title re-recorded in the proper jurisdiction?

A: Heartland Legal Network.

Q: How do I know this will work?

A: IF you accept our proposal and we are engaged to transfer your timeshare, we GUARANTEE IN WRITING TO SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETE THE TRANSFER.

Q: How can I know you are legit?

A: You won’t know UNLESS you check us out.  We have a High Rating with the Better Business Bureau and can provide you with the names and phone numbers of some clients for whom we have worked.

Q: Suppose I go ahead and use your service. Do I need to notify the resort that I no longer own the timeshare?

A: No.  It is included in our service and is part of the legal process of transferring your name off the Deed, Membership, Certificate, etc.  Our sole focus is on getting you out of your timeshare.  Permanently.  Completely.

Q: I have already paid my maintenance fees for this year. If I use your service does this mean I will not be able to use my timeshare this year?

A: NO. If you have paid your maintenance fees for this year, you SHOULD GO AHEAD AND USE IT!

Q: I read somewhere that if I die while I still own a timeshare; my kids could get stuck with it. Is that true? What if they don’t want it?

A: In nearly every instance, a timeshare becomes an immediate part of your estate when you die.  Your heirs will inherit your estate AND the timeshare, its Maintenance Fees, and any Special Assessments.  In other words, your heirs will inherit your Liability!  EVEN IF THEY DON’T WANT IT.

Q: Are ALL timeshare properties eligible for your service?

A: No. There are a few resorts that we cannot accept.  Call our Toll Free Number and speak with one of our Senior Account Executives for eligibility.

Q: What if I can’t find my Deed?

A. Many of our clients have experienced the loss of their ownership documents. Securing a copy of your Deed, Membership or Certificate of Ownership is part of the process we undertake on your behalf. If you do not have a copy, do NOT worry. The Title Company has access to proprietary software that will enable us to locate your documents.

Q: This sounds too good to be true.



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